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You are viewing this course for September start 2024

The aim of the LLB degree in Law and Professional Welsh at Aberystwyth University is to prepare students for contemporary Wales - a devolved Wales where the ability to understand and speak Welsh to a high standard is attractive to employers. With the expansion of Welsh laws, there is also a demand for lawyers who can practise law through the medium of Welsh and within Welsh contexts.

By choosing this course, you will join the oldest Law department in Wales and will study a range of legal topics. Law is a varied subject that is continually evolving as it responds to social, economic and political developments. It rules all aspects of our daily lives, from disagreements with neighbours and protecting the environment to employment and healthcare provision. In a modern, democratic society, law exists to uphold justice.

The Cymraeg Proffesiynol modules are taught by the Department of Welsh and Celtic Studies - the oldest department of its kind in the world. On this course you will develop skills associated with using the Welsh language confidently and in a wide range of professional contexts and in the workplace. You will be taught by staff who have extensive experience in areas such as translation, creative writing, studying and promoting heritage, editing and publishing.

Course Overview

This twenty-first century LLB Law and Professional Welsh degree encompasses a range of traditional and contemporary legal and Professional Welsh subjects. This degree will deliver the skills and competences that will make you ‘career ready’ and enhance your career opportunities across a range of professional settings. 

 On the Law modules, you will receive core training in a number of legal subjects, and on the Professional Welsh modules you will explore subjects ranging from translation to marketing.  

 LLB Law and Professional Welsh is an innovative degree scheme that will develop highly relevant and valuable transferable skills. You will have the opportunity to complete a work placement in a bilingual institution and build valuable networks; learn from employers and professional workers who work through the medium of Welsh in a variety of fields; choose from a selection of interesting modules that are available in both departments. 

Today, employers, as well as potential students and parents, are looking for a 'gold standard' degree. This LLB Law and Professional Welsh degree fits the bill. If you're a first language student who hopes to join the professional workplace in Wales, whether in a legal or creative setting, come to Aberystwyth to begin your journey. 

Our Staff

Department of Law and Criminology lecturers are mostly either qualified to PHD level or have professional experience and qualifications as practicing lawyers. Many staff also have a PGCE (Higher Education).

All academic staff in the Department of Welsh and Celtic Studies are research active scholars and experts in their chosen fields of study, including the study of languages and literatures as well as creative writing.

Modules September start - 2024

Please note: The modules listed below are those currently intended for delivery during the next academic year and may be subject to change. They are included here to give an indication of how the course is structured.


Module Name Module Code Credit Value
Legal and Criminal Justice Systems * LC10120 20


Module Name Module Code Credit Value
Contract Law * LC13820 20
Criminal Law * LC10520 20
Tort * LC11120 20


Module Name Module Code Credit Value


Module Name Module Code Credit Value
Climate Change and Environmental Law LC27720 20
Commercial Law LC26220 20
Company Law LC27220 20
Contract Law LC23820 20
Criminal Law LC20520 20
Drugs and Crime LC28220 20
Equity and Trusts LC24920 20
European Law * LC20720 20
Family and Child Law LC26420 20
Human Rights LC25220 20
Humanitarian Law LC27620 20
Intellectual Property Law LC28620 20
International Law LC26920 20
Labour Law LC26820 20
Land Law LC24820 20
Legal Skills and Research * LC20420 20
Medicine Ethics and the Law LC26720 20
Principles of Evidence LC26520 20
Public Law * LC20620 20
Sports Law and Society LC27920 20
Technology, Artificial Intelligence and the Law LC22420 20
Tort LC21120 20
Treatment and Rehabilitation of Offenders LC29120 20

* Also available partially or entirely through the medium of Welsh


Our Welsh-medium provision gives you a fantastic opportunity to develop your confidence to practise Law in both Welsh and English, gaining skills such as translation, analysis and synthesis that will be useful for the workplace and good preparation for your career.

Graduates of the Department of Law & Criminology and the Department of Welsh and Celtic Studies go on to gain wonderful jobs in fields such as:

  • education
  • the media
  • social work
  • Law
  • translation.

Graduates of these two departments also gain employment in a variety of other areas such as:

  • book publishing
  • the tourism industry, commerce and the police.

The research and analysis skills that you will develop during your degree will also give you a solid foundation for studying at postgraduate level and for a career in the academic world.

Transferable skills

Studying for a degree in Law and Professional Welsh will provide you with a broad range of transferable skills that are highly valued by employers.

These include:

  • researching and analysing data
  • thinking creatively and effective problem solving
  • working independently
  • time management and organisational skills, including the ability to meet tight deadlines
  • expressing ideas and communicating information clearly and logically, both in speech and writing
  • self-motivation and self-reliance
  • team work, the ability to discuss concepts in groups, discussing various ideas and reaching a consensus
  • IT skills.

Opportunities for work experience while studying

Discover more about the various opportunities that our Aberystwyth University Careers Service offers. 

Enhance your employability prospects with GO Wales and our Year in Employment Scheme (YES)

Teaching & Learning

What will I learn? 

First year 

The first year core Law module will provide core training in a number of subjects such as: Contract law, Criminal Law and Tort Law. These must be studied and passed for exemption from the first stage of professional law examinations. You will also examine the structure and development of the English and Welsh Legal system, explore the relationship of the judicial precedent and the court system, and analyse the process of creating legislation and how it is interpreted by judges. In addition to this, you will be able to take advantage of excellent social and professional opportunities such as visits to Law Fairs and Inns of Court in London, and you will have the opportunity to enhance your studies by participating in our national and international competing Mooting Society to develop your key advocacy and litigation skills, either in Welsh or English. 

During your Professional Welsh modules, you will receive a comprehensive introduction to Professional Welsh. You will learn a range of skills such as instantaneous translation, administration, public speaking, editing and marketing skills. You will be taught by the Department's lecturers and by employers who work through the medium of Welsh. You will have the opportunity to work as part of a team and to develop your marketing skills to organise Noson Llên a Chân (an evening of literature and song). You can learn more about these successful evenings on the Learning and Living in Welsh page on our website, and you will be able to sit on the editorial board of Y Ddraig (The Dragon) - the Department's literary magazine. The commissioning and editorial work will be undertaken by you and the other students. Learn more about Y Ddraig on yddraig.cymru. 

Second and final year 

Your second and final year Law modules will be made up entirely of elective modules. By choosing from a long list of modules that are available in the department, you will be able to tailor your studies to suit your own interests and career aspirations. Modules range from Commercial Law to Human Rights, and from International Law to Psychology and Crime. For further information, click on the Modules tab. 

Your Cymraeg Proffesiynol modules will include the following: 

Y Gymraeg yn y Gweithle (Welsh in the Workplace) which is a work experience module. You will complete a period of work experience in a place where Welsh is used at a professional level. We are able to offer a wide choice of placements, which include a number of national bodies, which means that you will have an opportunity to gain direct experience of a career that is of interest to you. You will create a portfolio of tasks associated with the workplace. 

Bro a Bywyd (Local communities and Life) - This module considers tourism and literary heritage. You will attend lectures and go on field trips to places of cultural significance. You will undertake a project with the aim of promoting the interest of the public in an element of Welsh culture, eg a booklet, podcast, a short film or website content. 

Gloywi Iaith (Enhancing language) – This module is intended to develop students’ ability to write standard and correct Welsh and to speak it eloquently. It is taught in groups under the supervision of a tutor, and written tasks are set on a weekly basis. 

How will I be taught? 

You will be taught through a combination of innovative and high-quality lectures, tutorials and seminars. 

Our lectures will introduce you to key concepts and relevant up-to-date information. You will also have access to recorded versions of lectures. 

Our tutorials and seminars are an opportunity for you to discuss specific themes or topics, and to evaluate and obtain feedback on your individual learning while at the same time improving your construction of legal arguments and your Welsh presentation skills. 

How will I be assessed? 

You will be assessed through essays, exams, study logs or portfolios and oral presentations. 

A personal tutor will be assigned to you for the duration of your degree course. Your personal tutor will be your key contact if you have any issues or queries, whether academic or personal. 

Typical Entry Requirements

UCAS Tariff 128 - 104

A Levels ABB-BCC to include B in Welsh 1st Language

GCSE requirements (minimum grade C/4):
English or Welsh

BTEC National Diploma:
DDM-DMM, plus B in A level Welsh 1st Language

International Baccalaureate:
30-28, plus B in A level Welsh 1st Language

European Baccalaureate:
75%-65% overall, plus B in A level Welsh 1st Language

English Language Requirements:
See our Undergraduate English Language Requirements for this course. Pre-sessional English Programmes are also available for students who do not meet our English Language Requirements.

Country Specific Entry Requirements:
International students whose qualification is not listed on this page, can check our Country Specific Entry Requirements for further information.

The University welcomes undergraduate applications from students studying the Access to Higher Education Diploma or T-level qualifications, provided that relevant subject content and learning outcomes are met. We are not able to accept Access to Higher Education Diplomas or T-levels as a general qualification for every undergraduate degree course.
Our inclusive admissions policy values breadth as well as depth of study. Applicants are selected on their own individual merits and offers can vary. If you would like to check the eligibility of your qualifications before submitting an application, please contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office for advice and guidance.

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