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Key Facts

Code RR24
  • Typical A-level offer

    BBC with B in Spanish or German unless to be studied as a beginner

  • Course Length

    4 Years

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The BA German/ Spanish degree allows you to study two languages simultaneously. This degree will allow you to develop linguistic competence in speaking, listening, reading, writing, translating. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to explore the society and culture of your chosen languages through our broad range of options.  If you are interested in developing your language competencies and exploring the languages further within a social and cultural context, then German and Spanish is the course for you.

Student Satisfaction and Employability Results

Department of Modern Languages: 92% student satisfaction for the subject of Languages  (NSS 2018)

95% of our graduates were in work or further study within 6 months, 1% more than Language graduates nationally (HESA 2018*)


Why study German / Spanish at Aberystwyth University?

  • From the off-set, you will receive 4 hours of language work per week. This includes reading/writing, aural, listening and translation. These four areas of linguistic development provides you with the solid foundation to increase your fluency competencies in German and Spanish.
  • This degree is also available to students who wish to study German and Spanish at beginners level (minimum requirement is a GCSE C grade in the two languages). At beginners level and in your first year, you will be taught differently to the students who are entering the course at advanced level (A level or equivalent) will receive intensive language classes bringing you to the same linguistic level as our advanced students. In your second and final year, you will be continuing the course with all advanced students.
  • In addition to linguistic classes, we offer all students core and optional modules that expose you to literature, culture, language, politics and business.
  • All students in our department thrive in our multilingual environment. As a vibrant University, we attract students from all corners of the world. Many of our staff who will teach you are native speakers of the target language that they speak. We also teach most of our modules and classes through the target language, therefore the combination of departmental life and academic development will ensure that you have maximum exposure to the target languages that you're learning.
  • The highlight of this degree for all of our students is the year abroad. As you're studying two languages, you will be required to spend your year abroad (your third year) equally between Germany and Spain. Some students opt to spend their time equally studying with our partnered Universities in Spain (or a Spanish speaking country) and Germany or Austria. Others have spend their time equally undertaking a paid or unpaid work experience placement in the two countries. Find out what your options are by visiting our Studying Abroad page.
Our Staff

All of the lecturers in the Department of Modern Languages are qualified to PhD level and are research active specialists in their chosen field. We also employ highly qualified and experienced language tutors, and native-speakers, who will ensure that your learning is of the highest possible quality and who will provide you with constant support through your years of study.


Please note: The modules listed below are those currently intended for delivery during the next academic year and may be subject to change. They are included here to give an indication of how the course is structured.


Module Name Module Code Credit Value
German Language (Beginners) GE10740 40
German Language Advanced GE19930 30
Spanish Language (Beginners) SP10740 40
Spanish Language Advanced SP19930 30


Module Name Module Code Credit Value
Exploring German Cultural Identity GE10810 10
Hispanic Civilization SP10610 10
Introduction to European Film EL10520 20
Language, Culture, and Identity in Europe EL10820 20


Module Name Module Code Credit Value
German Language GE20130 30
Spanish Language SP20130 30


Module Name Module Code Credit Value
Cuba in Revolution SP26020 20
Extended Essay Module EL20510 10
German-speaking Refugees from National Socialism in the UK GE27220 20
Language of Business and Current Affairs 1 * SP20310 10
Romance Linguistics EL20220 20
Short Prose in German GE27110 10
Spanish American Cinema SP26120 20
Spanish Cinema ii: New Tendencies SP25220 20
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 1 IC21820 20
The Language of German Drama GE29120 20

* Also available partially or entirely through the medium of Welsh


Module Name Module Code Credit Value
Year Abroad Assessment SPS0060 60


Module Name Module Code Credit Value
German Language GE30130 30
Spanish Language SP30130 30


Module Name Module Code Credit Value
Actualidades * SP31410 10
Autobiography and Life Writing in German GE37020 20
Cuba in Revolution SP36020 20
Dissertation EL30120 20
Extended Essay Module EL30510 10
German-speaking Refugees from National Socialism in the UK GE37220 20
Reading Late 19th Century Literature SP35120 20
Romance Linguistics EL30320 20
Spanish Cinema ii: New Tendencies SP35220 20
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 2 IC31920 20

* Also available partially or entirely through the medium of Welsh


Employability is embedded into our teaching across the Department of Modern Languages. The Year Abroad is what makes our graduates stand out from the crowd . On successful completion of the Year Abroad, students return with an increased skill set, stronger language competencies and the ability to adapt to any situation. 

Our graduates have been successful in finding employment after graduation. Our graduates are successful in these fields (amongst others):

  • Translation and Interpreting; 
  • Broadcasting;
  • Education; 
  • Marketing; 
  • Human Resources; 
  • Website Development; 
  • International Banking; 
  • Civil Service. 

What work experience opportunities exist whilst studying? 

Click here to find out about the various opportunities that our Aberystwyth University Careers team offer.

Enhance your employability prospects with GO Wales and YES (Year in Employment Scheme) managed by our Careers department. 

Teaching & Learning

What will I learn?

The breakdown below will provide you with an illustration of what you may study during the four year degree scheme.

In every year you will take a core language module and a range of optional modules. The language modules will cover oral, aural and writing skills. In the first year option modules may cover:

  • Introduction to literary studies and civilization;
  • European Film;
  • Language, Culture  and Identity in Europe.

In your second year you may choose from:

  • An independent research project;
  • Specialised languages modules (language of business etc.);
  • A large choice of content modules on literature, film and art;
  • Teaching of English to Speakers of other Languages. 

In your third year, you will study or work abroad, usually sharing the time between a German- speaking and a Spanish-speaking country.

In your final year, you can choose from modules such as:

  • Semantics and Lexicography;
  • Cultural and Artistic Movements;
  • German Literature;
  • German Linguistics;
  • Actualidades;
  • Teaching of English to Speakers of other Languages;
  • Independent research project.

How will I be taught?

A variety of teaching formats are used in class. Lectures will introduce you to topics, while in seminars you will be expected to participate in the discussion. 
You will be assessed in a variety of ways in your modules. You will have to give oral presentations, sit listening tests, write reports and undertake increasingly complex translations in language classes, as well as sit oral and written exams. In content modules, you might be asked to write an essay, undertake a research project, give an oral presentation, or sit an exam. 

Typical Entry Requirements

A Levels BBC with B in Spanish or German unless to be studied as a beginner

GCSE requirements (grade C min):
English or Welsh

BTEC National Diploma:
DMM with specified subjects

International Baccalaureate:
28 points overall with 5 points in Spanish or German at Higher Level unless to be studied as a beginner

European Baccalaureate:
68% with 70% in Spanish or German unless to be studied as a beginner

The University operates an inclusive admissions policy and our offers can vary. Please refer to our country-specific pages for details of the international qualifications we accept. For further information, contact

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