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  • UCAS Tariff

    112 - 120

  • Course Length

    4 Year

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The Cymraeg and Spanish degree at Aberystwyth University will involve delving deeper into two of the most culturally rich languages of the European Union and United Kingdom.

The Welsh component of this degree is taught by the Department of Welsh and Celtic Studies and is available to those who wish to learn Welsh from beginners or to continue with Welsh from A-level. The Department of Welsh and Celtic Studies provides you with the opportunity to discover key skills in the area of translation, the breadth of Welsh literature and poetry and be part of a vibrant community of students and researchers from Wales and beyond that share the aim of promoting a wider understanding of the Welsh language.

The Spanish component of this degree is taught by the Department of Modern Languages. There’re two pathways available which include studying Spanish from advanced (from A-level or equivalent) or from beginners. Those who wish to study Spanish at beginners’ level will receive intensive language workshops, and upon completion in the first year and the beginners’ level will be at Advanced level. Those who join the course having studied Spanish at A-level or equivalent will receive workshops covering advanced grammar and language development before progressing into the second and final years.

The BA Cymraeg and Spanish degree is perfect if you want to develop your Spanish linguistic competencies to fluent level and discover the wonders, depths and intricacies of the Welsh language.

Student Satisfaction and Employability Results

100% overall student satisfaction for the Department of Modern Languages (NSS 2019)

95% of our graduates were in work or further study within 6 months, 4% more than Language graduates nationally (HESA 2018*)

Top 5 in the UK for the subject of Celtic Studies (The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2019)

100% overall satisfaction for the Department of Welsh and Celtic Studies. (NSS 2019)

100% of our graduates were in work or further study within 6 months, 6% more than Language graduates nationally (HESA 2018*)


Why study Cymraeg/ Spanish at Aberystwyth University?

The Spanish component of this degree will enable you discover and learn exciting topics such as Spanish and Latin American literature and cinema, Cuba and the Cuban Revolution and Brazilian Portuguese. In the Department of Modern Languages, you will be taught in small groups and a substantial amount of our workshops is delivered in Spanish; The choice of modules on the Spanish component of this degree have been specifically designed to equip you with the tools to reflect intellectually on past and contemporary society, politics, artistic movements, film and literature in the Hispanic world. During your third year, you will spend your time in Spain or a Spanish speaking country studying or working. The third year abroad will help you to develop your linguistic competencies further to fluency level.

The Welsh (Cymraeg) component of this degree will allow you to excel and develop your written and spoken Welsh, to study a comprehensive range of literature from all periods, and to deepen your understanding of the language and how it continues to evolve in a global environment. In addition to discovering the wealth of Welsh literature and poetry, the Department of Welsh and Celtic Studies offers you the chance to learn an additional Celtic language which include Breton, Irish or Scottish Gaelic, you can learn these languages alongside Welsh. The Department also leads the sector in areas such as translation and Welsh in the professional workplace, all of which you can choose to study during your degree.

Studying Cymraeg and Spanish will equip you with the skills and qualities that employers are seeking. Language graduates are highly employable and are in demand. The degree in Cymraeg and Spanish from Aberystwyth University will ensure a prosperous and successful future. 

Our Staff

All of the lecturers in the Department of Modern Languages are qualified to PhD level and are research active specialists in their chosen field. We also employ highly qualified and experienced language tutors, and native-speakers, who will ensure that your learning is of the highest possible quality and who will provide you with constant support through your years of study.

All academic staff in the Department of Welsh and Celtic Studies are research active scholars and experts in their chosen fields of study, including the study of languages and literatures as well as creative writing.


Please note: The modules listed below are those currently intended for delivery during the next academic year and may be subject to change. They are included here to give an indication of how the course is structured.

Module Name Module Code Credit Value
Modiwl Dramor Ffug CYS0060 60
Year Abroad Assessment SPS0060 60

Module Name Module Code Credit Value
Gloywi Iaith Yr Ail Iaith CY31120 20
Spanish Language SP30130 30

Module Name Module Code Credit Value
Actualidades SP31410 10
Cuban Cinema Of The Revolution: Crisis, National Identity And The Critique Of Contemporary Society SP37020 20
Dissertation EL30120 20
Extended Essay Module EL30510 10
Reading Late 19th Century Literature SP35120 20
Seeing Spain Through Cinema SP35020 20


What opportunities are there for graduates in Cymraeg and Spanish?

In a competitive world, where expectations from the open market are swiftly increasing, to study the third most spoken language in the world will put you in an advantageous position. In addition, Spanish students will study Brazilian-Portuguese to enhance their employment opportunities. Your third year will be spent abroad either studying at a partner university or working. A recent Erasmus Impact survey showed that 64% of employers considered international experience important for recruitment and that studying or working abroad will increase your chances of finding employment by up to 41% compared to students who do not study or work abroad.

Graduates from the Department of Modern Languages have pursued careers in:

  • Translation and Interpretation;
  • Broadcasting;
  • Education; 
  • Marketing; 
  • Human Resources;
  • Website development;
  • International Banking;
  • Civil Service.

Learning & Teaching

What will I learn?

The breakdown below will provide you with an illustration of what you may study during the four-year degree scheme.


During your four years, you will have four weekly hours of language work, which includes:




In addition, you will be provided with all the tools necessary to continue your learning outside the classroom. The department has a wide selection of materials available through the interactive student learning system (BlackBoard) through which students can access up-to-date learning resources wherever they are at any time. A wide range of expertise is available within our Department and this is reflected in the module choices that we have on offer.

On this course you can choose to study:

Spanish Literature;
Spanish Film;
Latin American Film;
Cuba and the Cuban Revolution;
Spanish for Business;
Contemporary Spain.

Welsh/ Cymraeg: 

Iaith Gyntaf - Yn y flwyddyn gyntaf byddwch chi'n cael cyfle i weld pa agwedd ar y Gymraeg sydd o ddiddordeb mwyaf i chi. Byddwch chi'n dysgu am amrywiaeth o gyfnodau llenyddol ac agweddau eraill ar y pwnc fel y gallwch ddylunio eich cyfuniad unigryw chi o fodiwlau yn yr ail a'r drydedd flwyddyn. Cliciwch ar y dudalen Modiwlau i weld y dewis llawn.

Ail Iaith - Yn y flwyddyn gyntaf byddwch chi'n cael eich dysgu ar wahân i'r myfyrwyr iaith gyntaf. Bydd hyn yn rhoi cyfle ichi fagu hyder a gwella'ch sgiliau iaith gyda chefnogaeth staff a'ch cyd-fyfyrwyr. Byddwch chi'n dilyn y modiwlau canlynol yn y flwyddyn gyntaf:

Cymraeg Ysgrifenedig 1 a 2 - Modiwl iaith a fydd yn rhoi'r cyfle ichi ddatblygu sgiliau ysgrifenedig a deall rheolau gramadegol.
Trafod y Byd Cyfoes 1 a 2 - Siarad yw amcan y modiwl hwn. Cewch chi'r cyfle i ddatblygu'ch sgiliau llafar ac ehangu eich geirfa.
Llenyddiaeth o 1900 hyd Heddiw – Modiwl llenyddiaeth sy’n cyflwyno rhyddiaith a barddoniaeth y ganrif hon.
Braslun o Hanes ein Llên – Modiwl llenyddiaeth sy’n rhoi blas ar brif elfennau hanes llenyddiaeth Gymraeg.
Yn yr ail flwyddyn byddwch chi'n dilyn modiwlau iaith eraill er mwyn datblygu eich hyder ymhellach a byddwch chi hefyd yn gallu dewis o blith yr amrywiaeth eang o fodiwlau sydd ar gael gan yr Adran. Erbyn eich blwyddyn olaf byddwch chi wedi cyrraedd yr un safon â myfyrwyr iaith gyntaf a byddwch chi'n graddio gyda'r un cymhwyster.

Typical Entry Requirements

UCAS Tariff 112 - 120

A Levels BBB-BBC to include B in Welsh 1st or 2nd Language and B in Spanish (unless to be studied as a beginner)

GCSE requirements (minimum grade C/4):
English or Welsh

BTEC National Diploma:
DDM-DMM, plus B in A level Welsh 1st or 2nd Language and B in Spanish (unless to be studied as a beginner)

International Baccalaureate:
30-28 with 5 points in Spanish at Higher Level, plus B in A level Welsh 1st or 2nd Language

European Baccalaureate:
75% - 65% overall with 7 in Spanish, plus B in A level Welsh 1st or 2nd Language

The University welcomes applications from students studying the Access to Higher Education Diploma. Our inclusive admissions policy values breadth as well as depth of study. Applicants are selected on their own individual merits, and offers can vary. If you are studying a qualification not listed on this page, please get in touch with the Undergraduate Admissions Office for further advice. Details about the country-specific qualifications the University accepts can be found on our country-specific pages. For further information, contact

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