History is a subject that introduces young learners to major events and developments of the past. As a teacher, your role is to help them to become critical thinkers, developing their understanding of our society and the people within it. At Aberystwyth University, our History PGCE degree will equip future teachers with the professional skills to develop an understanding of History and its application. Students on this course will be trained to teach ambitious and capable, learners who are informed and confident about the world beyond school. 

Typical Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements Gradd Baglor y DU (Anrhydedd), neu gyfwerth rhyngwladol, mewn maes pwnc perthnasol. Dylai lleiafswm o 50% o gynnwys y radd Baglor hon fod yn berthnasol i'r pwnc rydych chi am ei ddysgu (hy Hanes).

English Language Requirements Sylwch fod hwn yn gwrs cant y cant trwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg

Other Requirements TGAU Gradd B naill ai am Gymraeg Iaith (Iaith Gyntaf) neu Gymraeg Llenyddiaeth, Saesneg Iaith neu Saesneg Llenyddiaeth. Os enillir gradd B am Gymraeg Llenyddiaeth neu Saesneg Llenyddiaeth rhaid cael o leiaf gradd C am Gymraeg Iaith (Iaith Gyntaf) neu Saesneg Iaith. Mae hefyd angen Gradd B am TGAU Mathemateg neu Fathemateg Rhifedd. Gall y Brifysgol gynnig Profion Cyfwerthedd TGAU yn y pynciau hyn i ymgeiswyr sydd heb y cymwysterau/graddau. Mae profiad neu gyfnod arsylwi mewn ysgol yn fantais. Bydd pob ymgeisydd yn cael cyfweliad yn rhan o’r drefn o ddethol.

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Fees and Finance

Tuition fees: Tuition fees for PGCE courses are regulated by Welsh Government and are set in line with undergraduate tuition fees.  

Financial support: Welsh Government offers incentives for students training to teach certain priority subjects. In addition, Student Finance Wales offers help with the cost of your teacher education if you’re studying one of our full-time PGCE programmes. 

About this course

This pioneering, integrated programme responds to the needs of teacher education in the 21st century, and trains student teachers who can teach across both the primary and secondary sectors. This emphasis on cross-phase teaching is in keeping with Welsh Government’s National Mission and the Curriculum for Wales, as well with the increasing emergence of All-Through schools. The PGCE is a full-time academic and professional programme, broadly comprising university-based provision of approximately 12 weeks, and at least 24 weeks based in school. 

The History PGCE course is concerned with theoretical and practical classroom approaches to the teaching of History throughout the secondary age range including GCSE and AS/A level. This involves examining a range of appropriate learning and teaching strategies in the varied classroom situations you will encounter. Through working collaboratively with students in other subject areas across the curriculum you will develop a rigorous understanding of when and where particular activities might be appropriate and suitable in ensuring effective learning. 

Together with your fellow students on the primary and other secondary programmes, you will study the principles of effective pedagogy, assessment, lesson, and curriculum planning. You will participate actively in learning, contributing to seminars, delivering presentations, and engaging critically with research. During the University sessions, you will plan and deliver micro-lessons in preparation for the practical element of the course.  

Placements will occur in selected Partnership Cluster Hubs where schools will have close links with the University and where trained mentors will be guiding and supporting your development. On placement, you will work closely with your subject mentor and the University Link Tutor to develop your practical skills in teaching. 

In addition to specialist placements in secondary schools, you will experience a short placement in a primary school working with skilled primary teachers. You will also undertake an action research project to develop an aspect of your practice and begin your career as a research-informed teacher. 


Completing a PGCE is one route to becoming a fully qualified teacher. This form of teacher training is recommended for anyone with an undergraduate degree who is looking to gain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). 

You need QTS to teach in a state-maintained or special schools in England and Wales. While other routes to gain QTS exist, they do not all come with the postgraduate qualification of a PGCE. A PGCE from Aberystwyth University is a valued qualification regionally, nationally, and internationally. 

When you study a PGCE with us, we help you prepare for a successful career in education. You will be given clear direction, advice and support when making applications for teaching posts and our employment rates are consistently high. 

Careers support  

Our Careers Service offers all graduates a lifelong service where our dedicated team of Careers consultants can continue to support you wherever you may be after you’ve finished your studies at Aberystwyth.  

Teaching & Learning