International Commercial Law

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The LLM International Commercial Law (Distance Learning) at Aberystwyth University offers you a professional and firm academic programme that will provide a solid foundation in the current global market. On completion of this course you will have a professional knowledge of international business law that will reflect the changing environment and realities of the current global economy. Through this course we deliver the skills and knowledge required for any high-level career in a legal environment whether it be an international law firm, government organisation or a private company. This course is Distance Learning.

Typical Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements 2:2 Bachelors (Honours) or equivalent in a law or related social science degree

English Language Requirements IELTS 6.5 with minimum 5.5 in each component, or equivalent

Other Requirements Applicants are encouraged to submit an up-to-date CV as part of their application.

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Course Overview

Why study LLM International Law (Distance Learning) at Aberystwyth University?

Having a solid understanding of today’s global business environment is imperative. Successful leadership skills and an in-depth knowledge of the fundamentals of the business world are crucial in any successful career within this field. The International Commercial Law LLM offers an academic degree that will provide a solid foundation in the current global market. This course is delivered via Distance Learning making it a good choice for those that wish to study International Commercial Law but cannot commit to relocation for study. 

There are two start dates for the International Commercial Law LLM by distance learning in each academic year - 1 February and 1 October. Although students are allowed up to a maximum of five years to complete the course, it is possible to complete the degree in just two years. The flexible nature of the programmes means that you can work at your own pace through the modules. Each of the modules is worth 20 credits and the dissertation is worth 60 credits. To gain the LLM qualification you will be required to complete 180 credits worth of study – 120 from taught modules and 60 from the dissertation. It will be possible to complete 60 credits (three modules) to gain a Postgraduate certificate recognising your achievement. On completion of all six modules but in the absence of the dissertation, you will be eligible for a Postgraduate Diploma in Law. You can also choose to study individual modules to enhance your knowledge in a particular area. All the modules are assessed by an assignment of up to 6000 words and a poster.

The dissertation provides you with an excellent opportunity to study an aspect of the law in your chosen area of study which is of particular interest to you. Students often, but not exclusively, select project topics which have a direct bearing on their professional lives. The standard of the work produced is very high indeed and several of our students have graduated with distinction.

In the latest Research Excellence Framework (2014) assessment 96.5% of publications submitted by the Department of Law & Criminology were of of an internationally recognised standard and that 98% of research activity in the department was rated as internationally recognised.

About this course


Of flexible duration, generally taking between two and five years.


Assessment takes the form of research proposals including a related bibliographic element, case studies, oral assessments and essays. You will also complete a Masters dissertation of 13,000-15,000 words which deals with an area of chosen study in the third semester.

Course Fees:

Please see the tuition fee pages for current tuition fees. Please note that all fees are subject to an annual increase.


Possible funding opportunites can be found in our funding calculator.

Modules September start - 2024

Please note: The modules listed below are those currently intended for delivery during the next academic year and may be subject to change. They are included here to give an indication of how the course is structured.


Module Name Module Code Credit Value
Legal Studies LDM0120 20
Dissertation LDM6260 60


Module Name Module Code Credit Value
Aspects of Commercial Contracting LDM0420 20
International Commercial Law LDM0720 20
International Trade Law LDM1220 20
International Criminal Law LDM0620 20
International Environmental Law LDM0820 20
International Human Rights Law LDM1620 20
International Humanitarian Law LDM4220 20
Law and Gender LDM2420 20
Migration and Asylum Law LDM4420 20
Nature Conservation & Marine Environmental Law LDM0920 20

* Also available partially or entirely through the medium of Welsh


This degree will suit you:

  • If you want to study an area of law with urgent contemporary significance and practical relevance
  • If you wish to develop a critical appreciation of legal responses to business commercial uses.
  • If you wish to nurture a legal career within government, non-governmental or corporate structures
  • If you desire skills highly sought-after in any postgraduate workplace.


Combining both theoretical and practical perspectives, the subject matter covers the growth areas of the future as well as subjects and skills of traditional importance. The course also aims to impart knowledge of legal rules relevant to the business field and emphasis is placed on the practical implications of the rules and the economic and political context in which they have evolved. In addition, throughout the duration of the course you will develop your broader skills of legal analysis and research. You will be pushed to improve your approaches to planning, analysis and presentation so that you can tackle complex projects thoroughly and with professional independence, making you a highly-desirable candidate for a career in government, non-governmental and corporate contexts alike.

Study Skills

You will learn to quickly assemble, assimilate and interpret a wealth of legal data and you will refine your professional practices by engagement with multiple case studies. You will learn how to deploy your knowledge to assert your expertise and build your legal case. These skills in analysis and discourse, supported by your mastery of rigorous methodologies, will stand you in good stead for any professional workplace.

Self-Motivation and discipline

Studying at LLM level requires discipline and self-motivation from every candidate. Though you will have access to the expertise and helpful guidance of departmental staff, you are ultimately responsible for devising and completing a sustained programme of scholarly research in pursuit of your Masters degree. This process will strengthen your skills as an independent and self-sufficient worker, a trait prized by most employers.

Transferable Skills

The LLM programme is designed to give you a range of transferable skills that you can apply in a variety of employment contexts. Upon graduation, you will have proven your abilities in structuring and communicating ideas efficiently, writing for and speaking to a range of audiences, evaluating and organising information, working effectively with others and working within timeframes and to specific deadlines. Whether you pursue a legal career, further research or unrelated employment, these skills will enable you to progress to a significantly higher level.

Teaching & Learning

What will I learn?

On this course you have the flexibility to choose from a comprehensive and wide range of optional modules, allowing you to tailor your study to your needs and interests. Whichever modules you take, you will be given a thorough grounding in legal theory and practice to make you ready for the rigorous demands of the modern legal workplace. This study of legal theory is then always balanced with the investigation of an array of fascinating case studies to illuminate your study and put you in touch with an authentic experience of legal cases.

An important part of the course is the writing of a detailed dissertation within a specialism of your choice. Previous LLM students at Aberystwyth have found this opportunity to be invaluable in establishing a successful career.

How will I learn?

This programme is offered via flexible distance learning and students may take between two and five years to complete their studies, meaning that you can work at your own pace through the modules. Each module is worth 20 credits and the dissertation is worth 60 credits. To gain an LLM you will be required to complete 180 credits worth of study: 6 taught modules (120 credits) followed by the 60 credit dissertation. It is also possible to complete 60 credits to gain a Postgraduate Certificate, 120 credits to gain a Postgraduate Diploma, or to study individual modules to enhance your knowledge in a particular area.

You are guided through modules by a range of material, including reading lists, reading material such as articles and book chapters, self-assessment questions and lecture recordings, all of which are made available on Blackboard (the University’s online learning/teaching facility). Staff-student interchange is facilitated by coursework materials, telephone contact, email and written responses to coursework submissions.

How will I be assessed?

All the modules are assessed by a written assignment of 6000 words and a poster presentation.

Successful submission of the dissertation following the completion of 120 credits leads to the award of an LLM.