BSc Physics with Education

The information on this page relates to September 2016 entry. For 2017 information, including grade requirements, please check our prospectus.

The Physics with Education course is an interdisciplinary programme combining the expertise of two departments. The Physics with Education degree will introduce you to the broad spectrum of what is arguably the most important of the natural sciences, alongside essential theories and concepts of education. In studying for the Physics with Education degree you will gain a range of transferable skills and you will be properly prepared theoretically and practically for a postgraduate PGCE.

The Physics with Education degree is a major/minor scheme. You will spend two-thirds of your time studying Physics in the Department of Physics and one-third studying Education in the School of Education and Lifelong Learning.


Physics has been taught at Aberystwyth since the foundation of the university in 1872, making the university the first in Wales to teach the subject. Our Physics courses are accredited by the Institute of Physics (IOP), a leading scientific society which engages with policy makers and the general public to advance physics education, research and application, giving you a head start when you enter the competitive jobs market.

Our Physics lecturers are also researchers working at the cutting edge of their respective fields, from material physics to planetary and space physics, so you can be confident that you will be informed by the latest specialist knowledge along with advanced theoretical, modelling, and instrumentation techniques.

The university has a proud tradition of research excellence, as demonstrated in the most recent Research Excellence Framework (2014) assessment. It placed the university in the top 50 institutions for research power and intensity. It submitted 77% of eligible staff and 95% of the university's research was of an internationally recognised standard.

100% of our 2014 Physics graduates were in employment or further study 6 months after graduating, an increase of more than 10 percentage points on the previous year and 7 percentage points higher than the UK subject average. This reflects our investment in innovative and strategic student-focused employability initiatives which encompass all our academic Institutes and which we firmly believe are likely to improve our employability ratings still further.

The 2015 National Student Satisfaction survey results also show that 91% of our Physics students reported high levels of satisfaction with quality of the teaching and learning resources, including access to specialised equipment and facilities.

Our Staff

Department of Physics Lecturers are all qualified to PhD level and have a track record of research in their fields of specialisation.

Undergraduate lecturers in the School of Education and Lifelong Learning are either qualified to PhD standard or are experienced practitioners in their field. All teaching staff currently possess, or are working towards, a recognised teaching qualification.

Course Content

Welsh medium modules available

Please note: The modules listed below are those currently intended for delivery during the next academic year and may be subject to change. They are included here to give an indication of how the course is structured.

Year 1 Core (80 Credits) Students must take the following Physics modules. You may choose a Welsh medium (FG or MT) alternative module (see below) instead of an English (PH, MA, MP) module:

Semester 1

Calculus MA10610

Classical Dynamics MP14010

Classical Physics PH11010

Algebra And Differential Equations PH16210

Semester 2

Forces Of Nature PH11120

Modern Physics PH14310

Laboratory Physics PH15510

Year 1 Options EDUCATION CORE MODULES (40 CREDITS). You must take both ED (English) or the AD (Cymraeg) modules.

Semester 1

Polisiau A Materion Mewn Addysg AD10120

Policies And Issues In Education ED10120

Semester 2

Datblygiad Plant AD19220

Child Development ED10220

Year 1 Options EDUCATION OPTIONAL MODULES (20 CREDITS). You can take up to 20 credits from the following modules

Semester 1

Sgiliau Allweddol I Brifysgol AD13620

Early Years Provision: Principles And Practice ED10620

Key Skills For University ED13620

Semester 2

Plant Ifainc Yn Dysgu AD11320

Young Children Learning ED11320

Play And Learning:theory And Practice ED13720

Year 1 Options Welsh medium alternative modules:

Semester 1

Ffiseg Glasurol FG11010

Algebra A Hafaliadau Differol FG16210

Calcwlws MT10610

Dynameg Glasurol MT14010

Semester 2

Grymoedd Natur FG11120

Ffiseg Labordy FG15510

Year 2 Core (80 Credits) Students take the following core Physics modules. You may choose a Welsh medium (FG) alternative module (see below) instead of an English (MP) module:

Semester 1

Mathematical Physics MP26020

Thermal Physics PH21510

Data Handling And Statistics PH24010

Semester 2

Optics PH22010

Electricity And Magnetism PH22510

Quantum Mechanics 1 PH23720

Year 2 Options CORE MODULES (20 CREDITS). You must take either the ED or the AD module

Semester 1

Seicoleg Dysgu A Meddwl AD20120

Psychology Of Learning And Thinking ED20120

Year 2 Options Welsh medium alternative modules:

Semester 1

Ffiseg Mathemategol FG26020

Year 2 Options OPTIONAL MODULES (20 CREDITS). You must also choose another 20 credits from the following list:

Semester 1

Llythrennedd Mewn Plant Ifanc AD20220

Literacy In Young Children ED20220

Cultural Diversity In Education ED20420

Working With Children ED20600

Discourses Language And Education ED22420

Semester 2

Dulliau Ymchwil AD20320

Research Methods ED20320

Bilingual Education ED20520

Working With Children ED20620

Making Sense Of The Curriculum ED20820

Final Year Core (60 Credits) Students take the following core Physics modules: You may choose a Welsh medium (FG) alternative module (see below) instead of an English (PH) module:

Semester 1

Concepts In Condensed Matter Physics PH32410

Experimental Physics (10 Credits) PH35410

Numerical Methods PH36010

Semester 2

Probing Atoms And Molecules PH32710

Project (20 Credits) PH35620

Final Year Options CORE MODULES (20 CREDITS). You must take either the ED or the AD module

Semester 1

Gwerthuso Ac Adlewyrchu Ar Sgiliau Dysgu Yn Gritigol AD30120

Critically Reflecting And Evaluating Learning And Skills ED30120

Final Year Options Students take a further two Physics Level-3 10-credit modules subject to pre-requisites, timetable and approval by Degree Scheme Coordinator

Final Year Options Welsh medium alternative modules

Semester 1

Ffiseg Arbrofol (10 Credyd) FG35410

Semester 2

Prosiect (20 Credyd) FG35620

Final Year Options OPTIONAL MODULES (20 CREDITS). You can choose 20 credits from this list:

Semester 1

Datblygiad Mathemategol Yn Y Blynyddoedd Cynnar AD30320

Mathematical Development In The Early Years ED30320

Health And Education ED30500

Semester 2

Special Educational Needs ED30420

Health And Education ED30520

Children's Rights ED30620

Communicating Science: The Scientists, The Media And The Public ED33020

Key Information Set

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Key Facts

UCAS Code: F3X3

Please note that the tariff below may not apply during Clearing. Contact us on 0800 121 40 80 or fill in the form above for more information.

Tariff Required: 280

Entry Requirements: Mathematics and Physics. GCSE: Grade C in English or Welsh. Grade C in Mathematics.

Course Length: 3 Years

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