BSc Business and Management with International Politics

The information on this page relates to September 2016 entry. For 2017 information, including grade requirements, please check our prospectus.

In choosing to study Business and Management with International Politics, you will explore the close inter-relationship between two key aspects of modern society. The study of Business and Management provides a perfect introduction to a career in business. You will be taught a range of business and management disciplines that includes Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Accounting, and Entrepreneurship amongst others, and with a focus on employability and applied skills to reinforce the essential theories, concepts and case studies. The study of International Politics is highly complementary to the study of Business and Management, because the international arena provides an important institutional and policy context within which many businesses operate. You'll explore the fundamental question of who gets what on a global scale, how they get it, and why. You will look at ideas of power and justice as well as conflict and co-operation. You will be able to choose from a range of different study topics including global economic governance and the political economy of the global system, and many others that engage with the key debates of the global age.

Course Content

Welsh medium modules available

Please note: The modules listed below are those currently intended for delivery during the next academic year and may be subject to change. They are included here to give an indication of how the course is structured.

Year 1 Core (40 Credits) You must pass 100 credits overall to proceed to Part 2

Semester 1

Marketing Principles MM10120

Managing Finance MM11400

Semester 2

Managing Finance MM11420

Year 1 Options All students MUST take the Department's core module Exploring the International 1 and 2 (40 credits over both semesters)

Semester 1

Cyflwyniad I Wleidyddiaeth Ryngwladol 1 GW12420

Exploring The International 1 IP12420

Semester 2

Cyflwyniad I Wleidyddiaeth Ryngwladol 2 GW12520

Exploring The International 2 IP12520

Year 1 Options This CORE MODULE is offered bilingually: choose your preferred language. You must pass a minimum of 100 credits overall to proceed to Part 2

Semester 1

Introduction To Management MM11000

Cyflwyniad I Rheolaeth MR10500

Semester 2

Introduction To Management MM11020

Cyflwyniad I Rheolaeth MR10520

Year 1 Options This CORE MODULE is offered bilingually: choose your preferred language

Semester 1

Business Environment MM11200

Cyflwyniad I'r Amgylchedd Busnes MR10600

Semester 2

Business Environment MM11220

Cyflwyniad I'r Amgylchedd Busnes MR10620

Year 1 Options Part One students may take the following optional modules

Semester 1

Behind The Headlines IP12620

The Making Of The Modern World: International History Since 1789 IP12820

Understanding The Social World SA10120

Semester 2

War, Strategy And Intelligence IP10320

Approaching The Political IP10820

Year 2 Core (60 Credits) You must pass a minimum of 100 credits to proceed to year 3.

Semester 1

Firms, Markets And Pricing MM33220

Semester 2

Organisational Behaviour MM33120

Operations And Innovation Management MM33620

Year 2 Options Student must take the following Degree Scheme Core Module (IP30120 or GW30120) in International Politics before being eligible for graduation.

Semester 2

Theorizing International Relations IP30120

Year 2 Options This CORE MODULE is offered bilingually: choose your preferred language

Semester 1

Marketing Management MM30120

Rheolaeth Marchnata MR30720

Final Year Core (20 Credits) You must take

Semester 2

Business Leadership And Corporate Responsibility MM34220

Final Year Options This CORE MODULE is offered bilingually: choose your preferred language

Semester 1

Human Resource Management MM33520

Rheolaeth Adnoddau Dynol MR33520

Final Year Options This CORE MODULE is offered bilingually: choose your preferred language

Semester 1

Business Strategy MM34020

Strategaeth Busnes MR34020

Final Year Options Students must take 80 credits of the 240 credits at Part Two (year 2 & final year) in the Department of International Politics and 160 credits in their major department.

Semester 1

Y Meddwl Cymreig Mewn Syniadaeth Ryngwladol GQ30920

Rhyfel Diarbed, Heddwch Diarbed GQ33420

Amlddiwylliannedd Mewn Polisi Ac Ymarfer GQ33720

Cymru A Datganoli GW35020

Cudd-wybodaeth A Diogelwch Rhyngwladol GW35620

The Vietnam War IP31920

Nato: The Making And Breaking Of Alliances IP33320

European Politics IP33820

The Ethics Of War In Theory And Practice IP34320

Wales And Devolution IP35020

Warfare After Waterloo: Military History 1815 - 1918 IP35320

Intelligence And International Security IP35620

The Past And Present Of Us Intelligence IP36020

Warfare In The 20th Century:technology And Strategy IP36520

Contemporary Latin America IP38720

The League Of Nations IQ32420

Capitalism And International Politics IQ32820

Total War, Total Peace IQ33420

Multiculturalism In Policy And Practice IQ33720

Semester 2

Damcaniaethau Gwleidyddiaeth GW32220

Gwleidyddiaeth Ryngwladol A Bydoedd Anorllewinol GW39220

Theorizing International Relations IP30120

War, Politics And Strategy IP30320

Special Forces: Theory And Practice IP31520

The Cold War IP32020

Political Theory IP32220

Eu Simulation IP34020

Ideas And Practice In American Politics IP34420

The Cuban Missile Crisis IP35520

America At War: A Military History Of The United States IP36920

Britain And Ireland In War And Peace Since 1800 IP38820

International Politics And Non-western Worlds IP39220

Global Economic Governance IQ30820

Espionage Studies IQ31320

Global Health And International Politics IQ32020

Gender And Sexuality In Latin America IQ32320

The Diplomacy Of Decline: Britain & World Politics 1851-2001 IQ32620

Aesthetics, Image And Narrative In Global Politics IQ33620

Final Year Electives You must take 20 elective SMB credits

Semester 1

Work Experience MM38000

Semester 2

Strategic Marketing MM30320

Marketing Case Studies MM31220

Small Business Management And Entrepreneurship MM32220

Contemporary Issues In Management MM34520

Work Experience MM38020

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