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    1 Year

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The MFL course aims to help trainee teachers build the confidence and skills needed to develop as successful teachers. The course is designed to prepare trainee teachers to teach MFLs in the National Curriculum at Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and post-16 courses, including AS and A2 levels courses. In all university-based sessions student teachers are expected to be active participants. Coursework is practically oriented and closely related to teaching and learning.

Key Facts

Early in the course student teachers are introduced to a range of schemes and strategies currently in use in secondary MFL teaching. You look at how children learn and develop. You consider factors to be taken into account when developing lessons which are interesting, balanced and relevant to pupils’ needs. You have opportunities to explore the different ways in which pupils can best acquire a modern foreign language, and to become familiar with a variety of resources that can be used to support these.

Student teachers will prepare and demonstrate practical work of the kind undertaken by pupils and be encouraged to think about the implications for classroom organisation and management. A range of teaching approaches will be explored. Other important aspects of work at this stage in the course are lesson planning, lesson evaluation and the use of ICT in MFL teaching.

In addition to MFLs, the PGCE course also prepares student teachers for cross-curricular themes and educational issues, including:

  • Provision for pupils with additional learning needs
  • Learning needs
  • Key skills
  • Welsh Baccalaureate
  • First aid
  • Health education
  • Assessment
  • Education for global citzenship and sustained development
  • Curriculum Cymreig

Entry Requirements

You will need to have a degree in a Modern Foreign Language, or any subject if you are a native speaker of the language that you will train to teach.  A capacity for disciplined self study is a characteristic of student teachers who do well. Other key personal characteristics are curiosity, perseverance and organisation. If you are a graduate with these qualities in abundance you should thrive on the course. Applications should be made through UCAS Teacher Training. You will also need a grade B in Mathematics and English at GCSE or equivalent. The University offers tests in these subjects if you do not have these requirements


Please note: The modules listed below are those currently intended for delivery during the next academic year and may be subject to change. They are included here to give an indication of how the course is structured.