Research Training (Law)

The Research Training Masters programme provides a structured introduction to carrying out research in the fields of Law, Socio-legal studies and Criminology.  The programme covers both generic issues of research activity, such as the planning, design and organisation of research, academic writing and different methods of disseminating research, and also theoretical and methodological aspects of research in these particular disciplinary fields.

The course will be of value in particular to those students intending to proceed to postgraduate research degree programmes, seeking more specialist knowledge and expertise, whether aiming eventually at an academic career or other kinds of research work in a range of professional, business and public service contexts.  The research training Masters qualification can thus serve as a first stage towards doctoral and academic career research or as a free standing qualification for the wider research profession.

The course is structured around a number of taught modules selected from both the University's research training programme and the School's more discipline-specific research preparation modules, and then the research and writing of a dissertation on an approved topic chosen by the student, applying the skills and knowledge derived from the earlier modules.  For intending doctoral students the dissertation may serve as a rehearsal for working on a PhD thesis.

The course covers research training topics such as:-

Research Skills and Personal Development
Principles of Research Design
The Organisation of Research in Law and Criminology
Jurisprudential and Comparative Issues in Law and Criminology
Quantitative and Qualitative Research in Law and Criminology
The Interpretation of Text and Media
Disciplinary perspectives on Law and Criminology

  • Course Content

Course Content

Welsh medium modules available

Please note: The modules listed below are those currently intended for delivery during the next academic year and may be subject to change. They are included here to give an indication of how the course is structured.

Year 1 Core (100 Credits) Students must take 100 credits from the following modules:

Semester 1

The Organization Of Research In Law And Criminology LAM2920
Quantitative And Qualitative Research In Law And Criminology LAM3020

Semester 2

Jurisprudential And Comparative Issues In Law And Criminology LAM2020
The Interpretation Of Texts And Media LAM3120
Disciplinary Perspectives On Law And Criminology LAM4120

Year 1 Options Students should consult the Department to discuss which research module(s) (20 credits) they must take:

Semester 1

Sgiliau Ymchwil A Datblygiad Personol MOR0120

Dulliau Darllen MOR0510

Research Skills And Personal Development PGM0100

Principles Of Research Design PGM0210

Ways Of Reading PGM0410

Statistics In Context: Collecting, Handling And Presenting Data PGM0900

Quantitative Data Collection And Analysis PGM1010

Qualitative Data Collection And Analysis PGM1100

Semester 2

Research Skills And Personal Development PGM0120

Statistics In Context: Collecting, Handling And Presenting Data PGM0910

Qualitative Data Collection And Analysis PGM1120

Year 1 Core (60 Credits)

Semester 3

Dissertation LAM6260